Wednesday, 22 February 2006

Pro Ski School

We all booked in for ski lessons on Saturday night. A great guy, Philip, booked it all for us at the hotel. Then told us we must go to the office once we are up on the mountain, as the lady who runs the ski school with her Austrian husband is Australian! (YIPPEE...we get to hear an Aussie accent for a week!!! :) Cookie comes from the Central Coast, she met Alois at Threadbo, and moved over here, got married, and now they have 2 adorable little girls. We got along really well, and hope to keep in touch!
The kids instructor was Babsi. A really great teacher, and we were amazed at how quick the boys picked up the skiing. Of course, Cameron wanted to go really really fast, Babsi had to keep him from racing off on his own down the slope, and staying with the group. They teach the kids without the sticks, and have great ways of making sure they know how to snow plough and how to use the different lifts etc. We loved watching the boys ski down the slopes..we were amazed. Here are some photos of the boys with Babsi, and their kids club group.
Click on the heading of this blog entry, for a direct link to the ski school website...there is a button on the left hand side to translate the pages into English!

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