Saturday, 18 February 2006

Skiing in Austria

AWESOME! What a great week! We will definitely do this again same time next year!
We had to get up early and be at the main train station for 6.30am. The bags were packed the night before and the taxi was booked. We caught the same train as Alexander's best friend, Emily and her family (although they were skiing at a different mountain in Austria. We were in connecting carriages, so the kids were able to walk up and down a bit and not stuck in their seats for the 6 hour journey. The train ride was pretty good. It was nice to see the snow get thicker and thicker the further south we travelled. We had a tight change in Munich (7 minutes to get to the other platform). Thank goodness we had booked seats for the next 2 hour train ride, people had to stand in the aisles the train was so full. We got to Bischofshofen station, and had a 15 minute bus transfer to our hotel in Werfengweng. The hotel was very nice. A large room with bunk beds for the kids, a spare bed, and 2 single beds pushed together for Phil and I, with 2 single size doona covers. We are getting used to this set up in is very common, even in family homes!

Here is the view of the mountain from our hotel room, part of the hotel and Phil and the kids on the balcony. Benny Bear (teddy in Cameron's hand) is his class bear, and each week someone gets to take Benny home and they have to write in Benny's diary what they did together. So, Benny appears in quite a few photos for his diary!

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