Friday, 17 February 2006

Alexander's thoughts on his 7th birthday

I thought it might be fun to go bowling for my birthday or I could have a home party. At the party I will do some sums with my friends (that's because I am planning to have a sum party) and I will have all kinds of sums (easy 5+5= medium 1008+43568= hard 25425462538647 + 385483653776623957368= ).That was what I was thinking about doing for my home party. Now for the bowling party. I think we could go bowling at Spandau, because they have a super bowling place. I could have fun playing with my friends bowling. After bowling we will eat ice cream. I think I will invite Emily, Isaiah, Kei, Vivian, Ju-Ahn, Yasmina, Hassan, Martin, and Bradley. That's all. I think the bowling party would be good, but I will have to talk to Mum.

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