Monday, 26 December 2005

Snowing Boxing Day

What a great day! Heaps of snow last night, and all day today! We made our first snowman for the year...on the front lawn of the Comtemporary Ary Gallery of Berlin! That was fun! Heaps of snowball fights!! Here is the view from Cameron's bedroom window to show you some of the snow!
Today we went in to the city, and looked at some of the tourist sites with Mum and Dad. No point in going up the Fernsehnturm (the main lookout tower), visibility would not have been the best! Instead we wandered around Alexanderplatz, through the markets, past the gallery for a bit of snowman making, and then to the Brandenburg Gate! Mum and Dad can't get used to it getting so dark by doesn't do the jet lag much good, your body thinks it is much later than it is. But to their credit, Mum and Dad seem to have gotten over the jetlag really well...and not gettting up at 3am ready for the day!

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