Thursday, 29 December 2005

Day 2 in London

Bus Tour of London!
This morning we headed off to the centre of London to find the Original Bus Tour Buses. Open Aired Double Decker Buses, complete with tour guide to show us some of the highlights of London. Great tours, you learn a little bit about lots of different buildings, gardens monuments etc, and then the bus stops at locations and you can get on and off as you chose. The buses pass every 10-15 minutes so you never have to wait very long. There were 3 different routes to take, Mum and Dad decided to take the yellow route. We wanted to take the red route. So we all got our tickets and went our separate ways. (We have already been to London last Easter, and didn't want to get off at the things we had already seen). for an extra 3 pounds each, you got a voucher for fish and chips at the Sherlock Holmes Pub. So we bought those as well! As any tourist does (especially with children), you have to ride on the top of the bus. Gee it was cold. We sat up top for the first hour and just listened to the commentary of the different buildings etc. But after 1 1/2 hours we were all froze. Even though we did the London Eye yesterday, we got off there, as we knew they have an indoor cafe with great hot chocolate and that would warm us up. That helped! We decided to get back on the bus (on the first level) and keep going.
We rode on the bus for quite awhile and got off near the Sherlock Holmes Pub for a delicious fish and chip meal (have not had any since beig in Germany....not a German dish!) From there we walked to Trafalgar Square, and up the road to Buckingham Palace. Some beautiful parkland on either side of the road, and there were heaps of grey squirrels all looking for food on the grounds. We watched the changing of the guards (looks like a dreadful job really, all these tourists taking photos of you and staring, and they must have been freezing too!)
While we waited for the next bus we ducked into the Buckingham Palace Gift Shop. Just inside there was a Xmas tree covered in crown decorations. Cameron found a crown there where someone had stolen one of the jewels! he was very worried. I got the boys to stand under the tree and strategically position a crown on their heads...introducing Prine Alexander and Prince Cameron!!!
Here is Alexander frozen on the bus, and a picture of the boys guarding Buckingham Palace. W

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