Wednesday, 7 December 2005

A Quick trip to Copenhagen

Phil had a conference in Copenhagen for 4 days. He says:

Copenhagen is a lovely city – a bit grey and foggy when I was there, but it was easy to get around, had real charm and certainly knows how to do Christmas! There is Christmas stuff everywhere, and their main ‘Christmas Markets’ are in the Tivoli Gardens. It costs 10 Euros just to get in! It has lots of Christmas stalls, restaurants and an animatronic Christmas scene that would fill a small warehouse - lots of elves, snowmen, animals etc and quite a few Santas!

Saw the little mermaid - the symbol of Copenhagen (and it is a 'little' mermaid). Thought I'd stop in and see the only other Australian I know of in Copenhagen.. Princess Mary. However, I arrived at the palace at the changing of the guards and thought the timing might be a little inconvenient....

Nice place, but quite expensive.

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