Wednesday, 14 December 2005

A quick trip to Sofia

Phil had the last of about 25 business trips for the year, to Sofia in Bulgaria. He says:
Everyone said Sofia is lovely in Summer - a nice thing to say when you turn up in winter! I suppose the leaves on all of the trees would hide a lot of the crumbling soviet architecture and the drab, grey colour.

They also kept telling me there was a big, beautiful mountain behind the fog... Although for the first day and a half I could have been in the flat-lands of Holland the number of mountains I saw!

Finally the fog cleared and there was a very beautiful mountain, with lots of snow. I was advised that it is really cheap skiing and good quality - however it is quite dangerous becuase it is usually full of English who don't want to pay big money for their first ski experience and haven't learnt how to ski yet. Apparently there are heaps of accidents!

An excellent business trip, and extra happy that it was the last one for the year!!!

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