Sunday, 11 December 2005

Baking for Xmas

Busy, busy, busy baking lots of cookies for tomorrow. We are having a Cookie/Xmas baking swap tomorrow at our place. Each person has to make a few batches of their favourite cookies, and then we get together and swap cookies and other Xmas baking. This way, you have lots of different varieties of cookies, but have only had to make up one mixture, and saves on all the washing up after each different cookie!
I have my fingers crossed that this will work tomorrow, and we can do it each year! I will let you know tomorrow!!!

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Anonymous said...

Yum yum. Good luck with your bake swap. Wish I could join in as it sounds like fun. Happy Christmas.
PS. I am off to Melbourne on Wednesday for 6 days and then to Adelaide until 4/1/06.
Anne L.