Friday, 30 December 2005

Day 3 in London

Friday Mum and Dad wanted to explore more of London. The ticket from the Bus Tour gave us the opportunity to follow the blue tour line for free the next day. Mum and Dad went to Harrods for High Tea and around some of the other highlights of London. We got the train and bus to Bluewater Shopping Centre. We met Kylie, Rob and Oliver there. I would say it was bigger than Miranda Shopping Centre in Sydney (for those reading this that know Miranda) It was so nice to see familiar brands, sizes, and be able to ask questions in English and fully understand the answer! :) We bought a few bits and pieces. The boys found a Lego shop, and we bought a few things in there! After the "interesting" customer service we get so often in Berlin, it was pleasant being served with a smile. An example of this...we were in a local Berlin coffee shop mid morning (only customers in the shop) This is how it went (translated into English for you)
Me: Could I please have 3 cappachinos and 2 Hot Chocolates"
Staff: "Sorry our cappachino machine is broken".
Me "Could I please have 3 normal coffees then, and 2 Hot Chocolates please"
Staff "I can make the coffees, but I do not have time to make Hot Chocolates"
Me: Stunned silence "mmmm.....What??"
Looking around the shop...still no customers....
Staff :(whilst making the coffees) "Are the Hot Chocolates for the children?"
Me: "Yes"
Staff: "I can make one for you....but it will take 2 minutes"
Me: "OK" (sounding very confused)
Now, if I had have had this conversation in would have been a lot different!
Anyway back to London....I went into a shop where I had recently got a catalogue sent to me...but prices of postage to Berlin is way too expensive to justify the items.....
Picked up a few things that I would have liked to get from the catalogue..but couldn't find the item I was really after. I got to the counter...this conversation was in English...
Staff: Hi There! (in a friendly tone), did you find everything you were after today?"
Me: "Yes thank no. I was looking for this Xmas Card Tree you have a catalogue handy?"
Staff: Sure (hand under the counter, producing catalogue for me to look through)
Me: (flipping through pages, until I found the item I was after) "This Xmas Tree Stand, I looked for it, but couldn't find it in the store"
Staff: "Just a minute, let me check for you" and off she ran to check for me. 2 minutes later she comes back with item in hand "You are in luck" she says, " This is 60% off"
Me: "Fabulous, I will take that as well, Thank you!!!"
Anyway, after drooling over lots of terrific shops, we headed back to our hotel to meet Mum and Dad and have dinner with them

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