Sunday, 3 May 2009

A long weekend in Berlin

The May Day long weekend came around fast this year - we had planned to go away, but since it feels that we only have just arrived back from our trip to Wales, we decided to stay in Berlin.

On Thursday night we took the boys to the 'wrap party' for the movie that they took part in. Unfortunately, there was some delays in everyone getting there (they were filming a scene with a baby, and there was some issue with 'co-operation...) The boys and Lynes had a great time, playing table football, drinking Fanta and Sprite, and attacking the buffet.

Eventually most of the cast and crew arrived, but to the boys disappointment, Natalia, Matt and Michael were not there to say hi to. At 12:30 am, the boys were getting a bit tired so we headed off for home.

After a lazy Friday morning, we hopped on our bikes and rode to the Siegessäule(the Statue of Victory near the Brandenburg gate.) Although we have lived in Berlin for 4 years, we have never been up the monument (to historic victories over Denmark, Netherlands and France in the 1800's). With 285 steps (290 by the boys' count) we climbed up and had a magnificent view over Berlin.

After this we rode back to Charlottenburg, to the Lichtensee. It is a lovely lake in a park not too far from our house. We met Sonia and BJ there. The boys had a couple of hours playing in the park, in the glorious sunshine. Nicole, Sonia and Phil had a couple of coffees and enjoyed the fresh air (if a little dusty)

Saturday dawned beautifully sunny again. We took Alexander to theatre club, and whilst he was there, Cameron had some play time in a great park, we had a coffee and Nicole and Phil bought some new shoes (Phil had worn the soles out of his last pair with all the grit on the pavements for the snow). Later that afternoon we went across to Alan and Sonia's home for a relaxed afternoon, a few beers and some delicious chilli for dinner.

Sunday was more relaxed. We knocked around at home. After lunch, we all went out into the garden. The boys painted some great pictures for Phil's office, Nicole read her book and knitted, and Phil enjoyed watching the boys. Our new neighbors joined us with their 2 year old, and it was a relaxed, fun afternoon in the garden.

Overall, a relaxed weekend, with lots of family time, fresh air, friends and sunshine. Can't do much better than that...

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