Friday, 29 May 2009

English Rose to Comino

Probably our best experience in Malta was the boat cruise we took from Mellieha Bay around to the small island of Comino.

We set off at about 11:00, and we cruised up the coast, stopping to look at interesting rock formations, caves and the like. We rounded the small island, and the boat parked at the popular 'Blue Lagoon'. When the sun is out, the water is a fantastic turquoise (as it was when we were there). We swam, snorkelled and relaxed there for a couple of hours. Alexander enjoyed building a sand-castle on the beach, and Cameron enjoyed trying to catch some of the fish that called the lagoon home. He thought that the fish here were 'too intelligent' to get caught in a net. The water was about 3 metres deep, with lots of fish (and a few stinging jelly fish).

The boat stayed moored in the lagoon, and on board they had food and drink (at great prices). So we chilled, had lunch, and then jumped back in the water again to continue our fun!

Next we motored around to Crystal Bay, where we again stopped for a while. The water here was deeper, and there were lots of bigger fish to see. Phil swam through a jellyfish tentacle whilst snorkelling, and his shoulder was very red and sore - didn't stop him, though! After another hour of swimming and relaxing, the boat headed back to Mellieha Bay. As we crossed the small strait, the kids sat at the front with their legs dangling down. With the boat easing into waves, they were having a great time getting splashed. Cameron decided that goggles were better for this than glasses, and changed up. Several other kids thought this was a great idea, and followed suit!

We got back to the hotel after a fantastic day of relaxing, cruising and swimming.

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