Saturday, 30 May 2009

Grand Harbour Tour

After our great experience on the English Rose sailing to Comino, we 'signed up' for their tour of Valetta grand harbour. We had to motor our way down the coast (into the prevailing seas, which were a bit rough) until we entered the harbour.

We then had a great tour of all of the inlets, looking at the various parts of Valetta from the water level. Lots of history about the forts, the ship-building, and life in Valetta.
One of the smaller Aida cruise ships...

We motored back up the coast and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon by the pool.

One of the things that we had discovered was that the hotel had a bowling alley - and we soon got into the 'habit' of having a game of bowling after dinner. Lots of fun, and with the bumpers in place, even the worst bowling attempts normally got some pins!

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