Sunday, 31 May 2009

Last morning and home

On our last morning, Phil and the boys had a last 'swim' in the pool before we had to check out and leave. As it was early, the pool was almost deserted, and the boys had a great time mucking around in their rubber tubes.

Malta has a plague of cats (Im sure that is the correct collective noun...) There was a 'feeding place' for the cats, and the boys often went up there to check out the antics of the large population of cats who lived around the hotel.

Thanks goodness this wasn't one of our towels!!!

The hotel often had lots of weddings, and often in the afternoon after we were back from the pool or beach, we would see small wedding groups getting married overlooking the bay, then moving off to the buffet for a healthy feed. They seemed to be mostly 'second weddings', and it was a lovely spot for them!

We caught a taxi to the airport and transferred back to Berlin easily. At the airport, Phil said goodbye to Nicole and the boys - he was 'bouncing' straight out to Copenhagen, whilst Nicole and the boys headed for home.

We really enjoyed Malta, and in between the small spots of touring, we spent a lot of time relaxing by the pool or at the beach. We really enjoyed our trip and our chance to get a bit of sun and relax.

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