Monday, 13 April 2009

Conwy castle, Liverpool and back to Berlin

We drove the short way to Conwy Castle & Walls, a small walled city which is regarded as one of the best examples of a walled city and castle still standing in the UK. After parking our car, we strolled along the walls of the city to the castle. The castle was built between 1283-87. It sits on a piece of land on the Conwy River, and it built on a rocky outcrop, and from any of the 8 towers you can see the harbour and town.

The National Trust had a great idea for the kids - a 'spy kit' that led the kids throught the castle, finding clues and solving a puzzle about when the castle was taken by rebels and held hostage for several months. They had to find the clue boards hidden around the castle, use their special 'spyglasses' to decode the clues, and complete the story. The boys had a great time - we roamed the castle, saw everything, and the boys learned about the history of the castle.

After the castle, we visited an old Elizabethan house, Plas Mawr. The house was built in 1576-1585, for Robert Wynn, a wealthy merchant. There were characters dressed up moving throughout the house, sharing information with visitors, and entertaining the kids. In the house, there was also a 'game' for the kids, to become spies for the queen by finding clues and solving puzzles. Again, a great way to engage the kids, and get them to learn lots about the history and having fun at the same time.

Some interesting ways to cure illnesses.

So, after a very 'historic' morning, in the afternoon we made our way to Liverpool, from where we were flying out the next morning.

We arrived with enough time to go into town for a look around. We went to the Albert Dock, looked around the down-town area, and then wandered up towards the cathedral and found a great little Indian restauant for dinner.

It was a nice town, plenty of Beatles references, (there were Beatle posters, signs, statues everywhere. In hindsight, I wished we had have taken photos of every Beatle reference we saw!) but we struggled to understand some of the locals! In the airport, Cameron asked me what language the two guys in front of us were speaking - it was English, but with the accents and the amount of slang they used, Cameron wondered if they were speaking French!

Camerons view: (Cameron wrote a diary for school, and he has given me permission to post his thoughts in the blog)

Today we played on the beach before breakfast and did a contest of who could find the roundest stone*. And guess what, I won with a perfectly round stone.

After a while we drove to Liverpool and saw all the buildings and the river. We had a great Indian/Chinese dinner.

(*one that looks more like a sphere)

Today we went to ASDA a bit after breakfast. Then we went to the park, and I fell off the tire-swing which made my knee even worse.

Then we went to the airport and took Easy Jet back to Berlin. When we got back we did the usual stuff like shopping, playing video games and that sort of stuff.

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