Saturday, 4 April 2009

Wales trip - first a visit to England!

We landed at Bristol Airport late in the night - and with the aid of 'Boris', our new sat-nav device, we quickly found our B&B. The amazing thing about the UK is that the postcodes are so specific that entering the postcode and sometimes a house number was all that was required to get exactly to the destination.

The first morning was blue skies and cool, and after a delicious breakfast, the boys fed some chickens in the yard, and ran around in the garden for ages. We finally loaded the kids into the car and headed off to Stonehenge (or, as Nicole called it, "Stonehedge"). It was our first UK experiece of paying exorbitantly for everything - parking and a walk in a paddock with a few rocks.

It was interesting to see, but it wasn't a brilliant 'experience'. busy A roads on either side, and walking around a circle behind the rope! It really could have done with some information signs about the stones and history etc.....of course you could have gotten that, if you purchased the handy book as well!!

After Stonehenge, we visited our friends Michelle and Gordon (and Meghan and Liam) near Reading. Michelle was just out of hospital, and we didn't want to tire her out too much, so we only stayed a few hours. It was fantastic to catch up. The boys and Meghan played so well together, and Liam has grown so much since I last saw him! We really enjoyed our catch-up, and miss having them living just around the corner from us in Berlin. Then we headed to Cardiff for the night.

As you drive into Wales on the M4, you cross a very large bridge, and you have to pay a toll to get into Wales. We mused whether this was to keep the Scots out???

We reached our accommodation, settled in, then walked down the road to find something for dinner.

Camerons view: (Cameron wrote a diary for school, and he has given me permission to post his thoughts in the blog)

" the first day of the holiday was the day we left for Wales. We went to the airport and had a chocolate muffin. I had a fizzy apple juice and I got 15 cents pfand (deposit)and I have put the receipt in this book (his diary).

First we had a delicious breakfast, with muffins and Coco Pops. Next Alexander and I fed the chickens and roosters with bread (the roosters were very picky with what piece of bread they ate).

Then we left and went to Stonehenge. Stonehenge was amazing (I liked burning my hands on the rope best!).

Next we went to Meghan's house. We played in the garden for hours (at least my dad said it was hours). Then we went to Cardiff and found our hotel. We had a spicy Indian dinner and believe me it was SPICY!

Oh and I forgot to mention that before we went to Meghan's house we saw a dog nearly eat a squirrel. The dog was quick, but the squirrel was quicker."

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