Monday, 6 April 2009


We set off from Cardiff after another cooked breakfast... this was an emerging theme of our travels!! The weather was grey, cool but not cold. We first drove back into Cardiff city so Nicole could go into the library - she had an assignment for her Uni course and needed to spend about 30 minutes there. After this we hit the highway North to Brecon, a small town less than an hour up into the hills.

We arrived at the hostel - it was out of the town and up a small farm lane. It was very 'rural' - perfect for us! We headed into town, where we went into the visitors centre and found a cafe for lunch. It was directly opposite a toy shop, so there was a bit browsing before we could move on.

The Visitors centre had recommended a walk at the far end of Lake Talybont, which would take in a series of waterfalls.

We drove through the countryside and some lovely small villages, past the lake and found a car park (surprisingly, this one was free!). The weather was still grey, but with jackets on, we were all fine. we walked up the trail and found the first waterfall

We then worked our way up the banks of the river, past several small waterfalls.

The boys had a great time, clambering, throwing rocks, building bridges and dams.

How wet would you guess their shoes were by the end? Thank goodness for heaters in the hostel rooms!

Back at the hostel, we relaxed in the lounge. Phil build a cracking fire and the room was really toasty. The boys played outside in the garden for a while (building an obstacle course). They eventually came in when it got a bit cold, and then joined us - reading and playing some Nintendo, Phil was reading and guessed it, knitting!

We ate dinner in the local pub - and this was where Nicole began the second tradition of the holiday - Sticky toffee pudding and ice cream for her dessert!

Camerons view: (Cameron wrote a diary for school, and he has given me permission to post his thoughts in the blog)

Today we left at 8.15am from Cardiff to Brecon.

We were in the car for a long time playing Nintendo, looking at sheep, hearing Mum call lambs 'baby lambs' and Alexander calling lambs 'calves'!***

When we got to the hostel Alexander and I played this game called 'destroy logs and collect the bark'. It was fun throwing logs all different shapes and sizes at other logs to collect the bark.

***We also went for a big adventure jumping up rocks over the waterfall, getting wet and having lots of fun. We threw stones and sticks into the water ans I found an amazing pinecone.

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