Sunday, 5 April 2009


From our guest house, (after a cooked English breakfast) we set off on foot into Cardiff. We had seen that there was a Dr Who exhibition, and we thought it would be a great surprise to take the kids there. We had said nothing to them, had no brochures and had given nothing away. However, when we said we were taking the boys somewhere special, Alexander asked if it was to something to do with Dr Who?!! He remembered that the characters once visited Cardiff...

We all loved the display. It reflected mainly the current doctor, David Tennant. A lot of the Dr Who episodes are filmed in Cardiff.

The Tardis

The dreaded Dalek's...the boy's favourite quote

"You have no purpose, you must be exterminated"

Above a Cyberman

Below K-9

After enjoying this display, we went for a walk along the prominade.
This is Roald Dahl Plass, an open air performance area. Roald Dahl was born in Cardiff.
The stainless steel water the Plass

Then went to the 'Techniquest' science museum. It is a for-kids hands on Science museum, and the boys had several hours of fun here.

We walked up into town and had lunch,
We took a walk in the park behind the Cardiff Castle.

The animal wall bridge goes over the River Taff, lots of different animals on the bridge.

The boys spent some time climbing the Magnolia trees, and Cameron chased a squirrel, but he wasn't quick enough (or even as fast as the dog from the other day!)

We made our way back to the hotel, had a rest, then headed out to the local for dinner.

Camerons view: (Cameron wrote a diary for school, and he has given me permission to post his thoughts in the blog)

Today was amazing. We went to the Doctor Who museum and saw: Cybermen, Daleks, Adipose, The Lazarus Machine, The TARDIS and so much more!

Next we went to a science museum and saw all of these coof stuff like, A rubbing pot which made noise. First you had to wet your hands,then you rubbed your hands o the pot and it made a cool noise.

We had a ham and cheese toastie for lunch.**

We saw a castle and climbed the trees, chased squirrels and killed flowers.*

We bought lots of cadbury chocolate (well at least Alexander and Mum did)

*It was fun

**Then we had a McFlurry at McDonalds.

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Mish said...

Hi Nicole
My hubby is very jealous about the Dr Who exhibition. Our son made hiw own K9 a few years ago for a school project but he got rained on & fell apart, he was most upset.
Mish :)