Sunday, 10 February 2008

Our wonderful hosts

My colleague Marc said "Ring my dad when you go"... It turns out that (in Cameron's words..) he is the "Boss of the Mountain". Klaus and Brigitte were our hosts - we were fortunate to meet such friendly and open people, whose generosity to us and the kids was unbelievable.

These two photos were taken by Cameron, and capture Klaus and Brigitte as we always found them - happy and smiling. Klaus arranged so many things for us, and the kids are already asking when can we go back and see Klaus and Brigitte and go skiing with them again...
Klaus takes the boys for a ride on the 'real' skidoo. The boys go to drive it around the lake, and Klaus would turn on the siren - which made it even more exciting for the boys! (Nicole and Phil also got to have a drive, proving that they are big kids too.)
One night after the lifts were closed, Klaus organised for the boys and Phil to ride in one of the 'snow beasts' - the snow ploughs that make the runs each night. For about 40 minutes the snow beast worked on a black (very steep) run - pushing snow, reshaping the surface and getting it ready for the next day. It was really high-tech - Alexander in particular was fascinated by the joystick controller and the groovy information screen. Cameron was most impressed when we knocked some small branches off a pine tree! The trucks work until 4 or 5 in the morning to make sure everything is ready for the next day's skiing.

Phil skied down this run the next morning and retrieved the small piece of branch that was knocked off - If you look closely (photos of Cameron when we is wearing his helmet), you will see Cameron wore it as a souvenir on his helmet for the rest of the holiday!

The boys and the snow beast

At the controls...

Our time at Warth and Schroeken was made so much better by meeting Klaus and Brigitte, and they did everything to make sure we had a brilliant time. (We can say that they succeeded!)

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