Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Lost in Translation, showing my ancestry

well...again my crappy German skills fail me again!
This is the Cooking School place we have booked Alexander's birthday party for in a few weeks. I saw it advertised in the local newspaper, and we went in to see her to arrange the details for the party.

After organising the details I asked about the Wednesday Lunch Special. This is how I translated the blurb in the paper. There are 4 meals to chose from, you cook it, and then you can eat it there, or take it home with you. I missed out a few important words..(later discussed with Inger, my Germany teacher).

Here is what happened...

You don't cook the food....the staff cook the food. (I skipped the words that meant "we cook the food for you) You chose what you would like, and then they give you a plate of it! It was delicious though, and I will go back again.

Here is my funny story for the day....

There was a basket of bread on the table I sat down at...when I was eating my meal, I took a piece of bread. The lady opposite me looked at me strangely...but then that happens often, so I just ignored it.

After awhile, I look around, and notice no other tables have baskets of bread.

When I pay for my meal later, i see that you can "buy a basket of bread" as an extra!

So, I helped myself to her bread...surprisingly she said nothing to me about stealing her bread!!! LOL... Every time I think about it, it makes me laugh. can you imagine sitting down with your meal, and some total stranger helping themselves to your food??

With any luck, I will be caught and sent to Australia...hey it happened many years ago. Phil is convinced I must have some convict blood in me, and it is just starting to show!

So, I will be going next week...if you want to join me, let me know! I will be getting there about 12.30 or so....if you are interested in coming along, let me know, so I can have someone to talk to, and I will try not to steal any of your bread...

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Leanna said...

Hee Hee! I actually laughed aloud reading this story. I could totally see myself doing something like that. Convict blood eh! Too funny :)