Thursday, 14 February 2008


Klaus suggested that we go across to Lech for the day. It is the next resort over from Warth Schroeken (and is a completely other world!). In the end, Nicole and the kids stayed in ski school and Phil, who is a little bit more competent on skis, took up Klaus' offer. Phil organsied a private instructor for the day as a guide (Juergen)from the ski school, and they went off to Lech to ski the Weiss Ring - a series of runs which circle the resort of Lech.
Above is Phil on the way back - skiing through the deep powder snow (which is very different to skiing on the piste!) The only tracks here are his and Juergens!

Klaus arranged the 'transport' to the neighboring resort - in this case, a tow behind a skidoo (just like waterskiing!) which was crazy and great fun! It saved about 2 hours of skiing through the deep powder and was a great experience in itself! Here is Phil behind the skidoo.
Juergen is a local, and was a fantastic tour guide. He pointed out heaps of things for Phil to see, and also spotted some of the wildlife.. a Snow hen wonderfully camouflaged in the snow, and some mountain goats on the outcropping above. There are 3 of them in this picture, see if you can spot them! Juergen also gave Phil plenty of tips which helped improve his skiing..
Klaus had also organised a table at one of the restaurants on the slopes in Warth. Here is a view from the Rued Alpe down to Lech. It is a resort that can hold 7000 people. It is really the 'upper class' ski resort (very different from the great family atmosphere at Schroeken) where lots of people wanted to be seen, and the ski outfits were unbelievable! You know the sort of resort it is when there are ads on the ski lifts for watches, diamonds and high end cars.....

The ski runs there were great, and after skiing the Weiss Ring, Phil and Juergen skied the afternoon at the resort before getting the ski-doo tow back to Schroeken.

This was a real highlight day for Phil, something he won't forget.

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