Monday, 11 February 2008

Hotel Jaegeralpe

We stayed in a lovely hotel at the base on a ski-lift - the Family Hotel Jaeger Alpe. It was fantastic - we had an apartment for the family, the staff were fantastic, there was a great swimming pool for after skiing and the breakfasts and dinners were delicious!

There was also a 'spa' attached to the hotel, which Nicole and Phil used for Saunas after hard days of skiing. The biggest put-off, however, was the gentleman who chose to sit in the sauna, in the nude, in the 'lotus position'... Nothing wrong with naked saunas, but this was a little too much....

We would all swim for an hour or so after getting back to the hotel, then head over to dinner. After dinner we would play some games in the lounge (cards, etc), have a coffee or hot chocolate, then head back to our apartment (exhausted), ready for bed.

We had our own table in the dining room for dinner and breakfast, and we got to know the people on the surounding tables over the course of the week. It was a great atmosphere and a super place to stay.

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