Thursday, 16 September 2010

A large memory of Berlin to take back to Australia

We had talked about purchasing a painting of Berlin for a very long time. We wanted a painting to remind us of our time in Berlin as it has been a huge part of our lives. Alexander was 5 and Cameron was 4 when we arrived in Berlin, both of them do not remember much of living in Sydney.

There is an old flower shop building near Heerstrasse S Bahn, which has been converted to plain large windows displaying paintings for a gallery in Friedrichstrasse. Atelier-Outlet. I have looked at the paintings in the windows every time I go to the kids school on the bus, and loved some of the paintings of Berlin I have seen in there.

So leaving it right to the last minute, the kids and I trekked into town and picked out this painting to take back to Australia. It’s not the best photo of the painting, but it reminds us of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall that we went to last November. The bright colours in the front of the Brandenburg Gate remind us of the dominos, the blue sky reminds us of the rain that fell all night, and how Phil was on one side of the gate, and Nicole and the kids were on the other side, and we couldn’t get to each other.

We think it is a perfect painting to remember our time in Berlin! It was delivered the day before our packers were set to arrive, ready for bubble wrap to keep it protected on its way to Australia.

( this stage I cannot tell you who the artist is, it was packed with the painting, and I didn't want to upwrap I will edit this as soon as the container is unpacked in Australia and give credit to this artist)

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