Saturday, 25 September 2010

Breakfast at the Reichstag

The kids had never been to the Reichstag, and always wanted to go up to the top and walk around the dome. With only a few days left in Berlin we thought we should add this to our “To Do List” The easiest way to do this (without waiting in a queue for hours), is to book into Kaifer’s and have breakfast or lunch there. We decided to have breakfast there, as the apartment we are staying at is walking distance from the Reichstag.
Phil and Nicole has a champagne breakfast ,and the kids had a “Kinder breakfast”
Breakfast was delicious, and the view was great. One thing to recommend, is do not dress too warmly. The sun beats through the windows there, and it does get really hot. Even on a cool day, the room warms up, and it is inevitable a group of elderly people will complain about the door being open causing a breeze!

After breakfast we walked up the ramp to the top of the dome. It is a great view of Berlin from here, and it was a good way to say “Goodbye to Berlin”. When we first arrived in Berlin, one of the first things we did was go to the top of the Fernsehnturm to see all of Berlin from a height to try and get our bearings. Dare I tell you Nicole felt a bit teary about leaving Berlin as she gazed out over the Tiergarten!

The mirrors in the centre of the dome always creates some interesting angles for photos.
German Flag
Top of the Dome
This photo of the 4 of us in tripicate is one of Nicole’s favourites!

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