Friday, 17 September 2010

The beginning of the move out

Finally the day has come to pack up everything in our house. The last 12 months have come around really quickly, and it is hard to believe that we are actually leaving Berlin. We have had a lot of fun here the past 6 years, met some wonderful people, and done a lot of travelling. We will miss it!

The men were at the apartment by 7.30am, and started to bring in boxes, tape, paper and the largest rolls of bubble wrap we have ever seen. Cameron just wanted to unroll the bubble wrap and start popping! (Cameron kept sneaking in every now and again to pop some.)

So we watched as boxes were packed and packed, and Nicole and Phil just took coffee and tea orders for the men, and started to clean each room as it was packed up. Gee, these guys can clear a room quickly!
After a solid 8 hours, they left for the day, ready to come back again on Monday. In the meantime, we moved into the serviced apartment, as Nicole couldn’t bear the thought of having to move around boxes all weekend.

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