Monday, 9 November 2009

2009 Berlin Mauerfall!

9th November 2009, marks the 20th anniversary of the end of the Berlin Wall.
Lots of interesting exhibitions and things to see and do in the next few weeks! We have a few exhibitions to see ,which we will blog about when we see them!

Over the past 6 months a huge undertaking of large dominos have been painted by different schools, organisations and community groups and they have been placed from Potsdamer Platz to the Reichstag, where the Berlin Wall once stood. There are over 1000 dominos erected.

Sadly, the weather was rainy, but it didn't ruin the spirit of everyone coming together to celebrate the fall of the wall.

We hoped to meet Phil near the Gate to help celebrate the day. The kids and I got out at Potsdamer Platz and walked towards the Brandenburg Gate. Phil got out at Friedrichstrasse and walked towards the Brandenburg Gate. It was so crowded, and we couldn't meet up, and the barriers of the dominos kept us from meeting up. We were only 50 mteres apart! So we both turned around and met up at Zoo Garten. So in a way we had our own reenactment of the East/West division.

The stones in the road that show where the original wall actually stood.

Before we went to the train, we grabbed a bratwurst in brotchen, and this massive chicken on a stick, in a roll! Hilarious, but delicious! Cameron can't believe how enormous this chicken stick is!!

Video link of some of the dominos falling

(Alexander thought it would have been appropriate if someone had have driven into the first domino in a Trabi! What a great idea!!!!)

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swooze said...

That was really interesting to see. Thanks for sharing.

I was talking with someone that was making a scrappy quilt with triangles and it made me think of all your wonderful scrappy quilts. I see you haven't posted on your crafty blog in awhile. Hope you are still working on things but just not posting.

I have had a very hectic year and am trying to get back into the swing of things.