Friday, 6 November 2009

Cameron's Space Mobile

Cameron is learning about Space and Planets in school at the moment. He came home from school all excited about making a mobile with the planets.

We had bought a bookmark from the Belfast Museum with all the planets and facts and figures on it. So, with bookmark in hand, we headed to Idee to buy some spheres. Cameron has been in a really creative frame of mind recently, and he applied this to his project. Originally he wanted to buy the wooden balls, but they were quilte heavy (and expensive), so we settled on the styrofoam balls instead. A bonus, they even had the rings so Saturn was complete, and stars as well.

He set himself up with a book on the solar system and his bookmark, foam balls and paint, and began to paint the balls in fantastic representations of the planets. With a bit of help, each globe was threaded with cord (always on exactly the right angle as dictated by the designer, constantly consulting his Solar System chart).

The planets were attached to a crossbar, with a few extra stars added for effect. It simply looked fantastic!

The class was impressed with his effort, and it was hanging right above the middle of the classroom when we were there the next night for parent teacher conferences.

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