Sunday, 1 November 2009


After Brú Na Bóinne we drove the short distance to Monasterboice. This was the site of an old circular tower and abbey, which also had some giant celtic crosses. The site now sits in a modern graveyard, and there are headstones littered about, even inside the ruins of the old abbey. The circular tower was used by the abbey to protect themselves and their possessions from bandits, and the marauding vikings. The site was interesting, but being in the middle of a current graveyard did not really do it justice.

Our trip was ending. One more good pub meal, a Guinness for Phil, a night in a great B&B and an early flight home. Overall, a great visit. The sun shone when we needed it to, and it rained when it didnt matter. We saw some fantastic sites (the causeway coast was just, simply, awesome) and had a great family holiday.

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