Saturday, 22 May 2010

A Sunny Saturday in Amsterdam

Phil arrived from The Hague on Saturday morning for breakfast at the hotel.  The boys went out to greet him - it was the only way that Phil would have been able to find the room!  With tight, windy staircases, and crossing between several old buildings, the room was not so easy to find. However, it was lovely and comfortable and would prove a great base for our time in Amsterdam.

After breakfast, we set off to the Anne Frank House Museum. This was only about 15 minutes walk from the hotel, and by the time we go there, there was already a long queue. Nicole gallantly stood in line whilst Phil took the boys exploring in the local area. When Nicole called through that she was somewhere near the front of the line, Phil and the boys rejoined her.

The museum includes the original house, and it is possible to go through and see the secret rooms beyond the book-case, where the '8 stow-aways' hid for over 2 years, until the police were tipped off that there were people hiding in the building.  On August 4th 1944 they were discovered, detained and taken to the concentration camps.

It was interesting and well presented, and with Alexander reading the diaries at the time, it was really relevant for him.

I bought a book by Willy Lindwer, The last 7 months of Anne Frank to read.
(as a post script..Alexander finished the book when we got back to Berlin a few days later.....he was so upset how it ended)

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