Saturday, 22 May 2010

Houses in Amsterdam

Nicole's fascination of architure in Europe continues.
The townhouses alongside the canals all lean out a little bit.  We thought it was strange, that they were all like that.  We thought that perhaps they had moved over time, or bad architects.  On one of our canal tours it was explained that all the houses tilt a fraction deliberately.  At the top of each town house is a pulley rod.  The homes all have very narrow steep stairs.  When furniture needs to be moved to the top flats, they use the pulley system, and the slanting homes stop the furniture banging into the house....fantastic!!!

It always amazes us how some of the buildings in Europe are older than the discovery of Australia by Europeans.  This building was built in 1687.
Nicole's loves these smaller homes that are wedged in between 2 taller ones.

Nicole loved this collection of globes in someone's windows
Then there was this home with this gorgeous collection of  "French Knitting" wooden dolls and mushrooms.

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