Saturday, 22 May 2010

Rembrandt House, Wertheim Park and the Floating Flower Market

After visiting the Anne Frank Museum, we found a nice little cafe for lunch, then continued our exploration of Amsterdam. This would not have been complete without a visit to the famous red-light district.

After an introduction and discussion of the 'key themes' (shall we say...), we walked down through the red light district. Quite a few windows were occupied, but in the middle of the day, it was reasonably quiet. A man appeared from one door, looking rather red in the face, he obviously had been working hard.

The boys could get a 'sense' of it all, without being exposed to the 'rougher edges' of the red light district after the sun goes down. (Sorry, no photos for obvious reasons).  At the end of the street was the Hash Museum.  We didn't go in there with the boys, but we looked in the windows.

The Rembrandt House was next on our list. We walked through with audio guides and saw where Rembrandt lived and worked. It was a good introduction for the next day, when we planned to visit the Rijksmuesum, to see some of his work.
Photos were not allowed in here...shame!  But his studio was fantastic. You can do a virtual tour on the website, just click on the Museum icon and scroll down to the different rooms in the house.

Afterwards we stopped in the Wertheim Park, and the boys played in the gardens and by the canal.

In the park there was a memorial to the Dutch Jewish population who were sent to Auschwitz.

People leave messages on stones and paper and leave on the memorial

We then continued our journey via the Flower Markets, where the boys were particularly interested in the venus fly traps - not as well known as the tulips, I'm sure!

There was an amazing variety of tulips as well as other flowers. It was great to wander along the street and see all the different types of plants, flowers and bulbs you could purchase.

Then if you couldn't take real tulip bulbs, you could take some wooden ones home.

or some windmills

This was just a real tease really....because there are not many countries that will let you take these seeds in.

more wooden tulips

and for the tourist worried about their tulips breaking in their luggages, tulips in a can!

Then there were hundreds of fresh tulips to take home

At fantastic prices!!!

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