Tuesday, 10 January 2006

Trying out the new Ice Skates

We got each other ice skates for Christmas. We really want to learn how to skate, without holding on to the rail. There are some great outside ice skating rinks, and they look like so much fun over the winter. When the kids go back to school, some of the mums have organised some lessons with an instructor, so I am going to do this as well! We have been going one morning each weekend with our friends Sonia and Alan, and their son Bradley, (in the same class as Cameron). The boys are really getting the hang of the skating, and after a couple of weeks, they spend more time on the skates than on their bottoms! (Phil and I too!) Here are some photos. All of us on the ice, Alexander getting the hang of it (Phil and Cameron in the background), and our friends Sonia, Alan and Bradley!

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