Sunday, 1 January 2006

Mum and Dad on their bus trip. Back to Berlin for us.

Mum and Dad were up early to get to the hotel where their tour departed from. They got there with plenty of time, they needed to be there at 6.15am! So they didn't stay up to see the Fireworks last night. Here is a photo for the White Cliffs of Dover as they headed off to France!
We got up at a reasonable time and had a lazy morning. Rob drove us to the airport, which is a fair way away. He says the public transport would have been awful on a public holiday. We were very grateful. Phil sat in the front with Rob, while Alexander, Cameron and I snoozed in the back seat.
We are hoping that Kylie, Rob and Oliver will come over for a visit soon, so we can show them Berlin.
We had arranged to meet my penfriend, Charlotte and her family at the airport for a few hours before we left. Charlotte and Declan had brought champagne, glasses and trifle to eat! So we sat in the food court and looked very posh! It was a lot of fun! I forgot to take a photo, but Charlotte did, so when she sends a copy, I will scan it in. Their children Dan, and Sophie are gorgeous! Now that they know they can get to Berlin so easy and at a reasonalbe price...with Easy Jet, we hope to see them soon! :)
We hope we have some visitors this year!
We arrived back in Berlin to a mass of snow everywhere, and we hope it will be good for snowmen and sledging!

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AnneS said...

Sounds like you had a nice break away - and wonderful to meet up with your penpal :) I envy you those short plane trips to get to exotic places - it's not quite the same to pop over to Hobart or NZ ;P