Thursday, 5 January 2006

Icy Walk at Schlachtensee are getting a bit bored, time to get them to out and see some friends. A walk sounded like a good idea, a bit of fresh air, and a restaurant at the end for lunch! Sounds great. Got a few mums together and we all met at the Lake. The Lake was frozen! The walking path was hard packed with ice. There were lots of falls and slips, but we managed to walk around the lake without needing an ambulance! The kids really enjoyed the walk, they liked trying to slide along the path! It was cold, and by the end it was good to get in the restaurant and order some hot chocolates for the kids, and some warm spicy red wine and cappuccino's for the adults!
After lunch I rang Nicola to see if they were home, and they were just down the road sledging. So Sonia and I took the kids to the hill, and the kids had lots of fun sliding down the hill. Cameron and Bradley got sick of waiting for a turn of the sledge, so they decided to go down penguin style. Heads up, arms by their sides and down they went! Hilarious!!!

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AnneS said...

Hahahahaha I can just picture the kids sliding down penguin-style ... sounds like a Bluebird chips advert we had at home! :)