Saturday, 7 January 2006

Ten Pin Bowling

Another outing for the kids before they go back to school. Something indoors, not so slippy on their feet. "Let's go Bowling" someone says! Great idea! 2 lanes are booked.....Notice on the mums yahoo group is posted. "Turn up if you want to" 21 kids arrive......we book another 3 lanes! The man behind the counter is very stressed there are so many children there! We were the only customers in the whole bowling alley! He should have been grateful that we were passing along some business or him!
Maureen managed to get the kids sorted out into age groups, we found all the light balls we could. The kids had a great time. The older kids managed to sort it out themselves. We needed someone to supervise the little ones, but we took it in turns, while others had coffee. What a great morning, and cheap too, 2 games including shoe hire, about 5 euros each! Alexander wants to go here for his birthday party this year! Sounds good to me!

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AnneS said...

What a great day out bowling - looks like everyone had fun ... well, everyone except the man running the place hahahaha :)