Monday, 22 March 2010

That's Not a Knife!!

We had a dramatic morning to begin our week.

Cameron was out of bed, breakfasted and ready for school. He unloaded the dishwasher and refilled it, and decided to get the lunches ready as well.

Out came the bread knife, and through the middle finger. There was blood all over the floor, bench and wall.
We got it wrapped in a face washer, and Cameron held onto it really tightly. We quickly got Alexander ready for school, and shuffled him downstairs to Antje and Thorsten to sit in their living room until the bus arrived, and I took Cameron to the emergency department in the hospital, which is only 3 blocks walk away from our house. (Phil was in transit on his way home from Dublin).
Luckily it was only .6cm deep, and the doctor said he could either put 1 stitch in, or use the magic glue. We opted for the magic glue, much quicker and less painful.
Home by 10am, floors, benches, and walls cleaned and now blood free. I was glad Phil didn't have an earlier flight, we left the house in a bloody mess, and he would have had no idea what had happened....
Home for the day, incase he knocks it at school. I have taught him how to play backgammon, and he is already great at it!.

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