Sunday, 14 March 2010

Icy Lake, Dead Fish, Travel Show, more snow...

With no ice skating today, we decided to get out in the "Frische Luft", and go for a walk around Lietzensee.

The lake was still frozen, but the weather has been warming up, and thin layers are visible. Even when it is fairly solid, none of us want to walk on the lakes.

As we walked around the lake, we kept seeing dead fish, and some of them were huge. We are not sure whether there is a problem with toxins in the lake, or perhaps these are the fish that have died in the super freezing weather we have had this Winter, and now that the lake has started to thaw, the fish have floated to the surface??

After our walk, we stopped at a cafe for a really crappy cup of coffee. Then we headed off to the International Travel Show at the ICC. We got some great information about Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and the kids got some freebies as we walked around.

We walked back home, and just as we stepped in the door, the skies opened up and it has started to snow again heavily.

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