Sunday, 7 March 2010

The Birthday Week. Part 4. The Finale...

Alexander wasn't sure what to do for his birthday this year. Phil suggested go-karting and Alexander loved this idea! Phil found an indoor track where he had driven a few years back and booked for 10 kids (He was a little sad it wasn't 10 kids and one keen dad!). The indoor track makes sense in early March, as the temperatures are often below zero and snow is still about.

Ten kids enjoying the pre-race drinks and snacks.

Getting prepared..

Emily is ready to burn some rubber.

Ready to drive. It may have been indoor, but jackets and gloves were a must, it was freezing!

Get your motors running....

From cautious beginnings, the kids quickly got the hang of it.

Practicing for the awards ceremony - Cameron was the fastest in the first leg

Ready for their second drive

Excitedly checking the results on the TV monitors.

They had a fabulous time! Here are the 10 kids after the medal ceremony. It sounds like most of the kids will be back for their birthday parties here throughout the year.

(Back row L-R: Emily, Kirsten, Alexander, Cameron, Myron, Toby, Bradley, Front row: Harry, Isaiah, Lynes)

So that's the birthday week over for this year.
Final count for cooking...2 cakes, 92 cupcakes, 23 eggs cracked, and no idea how much butter, sugar, flour and icing sugar was used.

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