Sunday, 10 January 2010

From +25 degrees to -5 degrees in 5 hours....

It was quite a change - 28 degrees and sunny, to minus 5 degrees and heavy snow! On the weekend we arrived back in Berlin, there was at least 15 cm of fresh snow, deepening an already thick blanket of snow that lay over Berlin.
we had to clear a small path to get to the edge of the terrace, and sweep off the satellite dish to get reception on the TV.

Alexander's ugg boots...sweeping up the terrace
Just enough to get a signal....

Then we did an experiment with some tea candles in the snow on our terrace.

In 1/2 hour, they had melted to the terrace flooring.

Over 30cm of snow had to be cleaned off the car, and I had to shovel snow from under the tyres so I could drive out.
View from the terrace, our car is the silvery colour, covered in snow
A neighbour's car, which hasn't moved for 4 weeks, and not likely to move for quite sometime!

Alan and Phil took BJ and Cameron sledding (or as the English say "sledging")on Teufelsberg - really the only hill for miles around. It was packed, and in true German form, there were queues for each of the sled runs. They all had a turn, including the 'big boys', and it was a great few hours out in the fresh air.

lots of fun...even for the "big kids"

It makes quite a contrast from sunlounges and diveboats, to deep snow and sledding!

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