Saturday, 2 January 2010

Everything is for sale..

Lying on a sun lounge on the beach was pleasant, but was often interrupted by individuals trying to sell you something. On one morning, I had 11 interruptions before I had finished 4 pages of my book. There would be everything from Diving lessons, Spa treatments, camel rides, safaris, 4 wheel bike tours, trips to Luxor, Snorkelling, Glass Bottomed boat tours... Most of the salespeople were polite and reasonably pleasant, however a few were quite pushy. It seemed that the beach (as opposed to the pool) was public space, so they could operate freely there. Of course, nothing had a ‘fixed price’, and everything could be ‘discussed’. As all of these guys were on commission, it was easy to understand their point of view. Eventually some of them were known to us on a first name basis, we had spoken so many times!

The Resort had a Spa/Wellness complex, Nicole arranged for a series of massages across the 2 weeks we were at the resort. She opted for a couple of Turkish Baths and a couple of Cleopatras. As if she wasn’t relaxed enough already...

Just before we left, Nicole couldn't resist a few henna Tattoos...
they should last about a month!

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