Sunday, 27 December 2009

Phil learns to dive

Being on the Red Sea, Phil decided it would be crazy to come all this way and not learn to dive. Given that the Ramsays love diving (with their eldest son, Stuart, a professional dive instructor), it was an easy choice! Phil studied all of the books before flying to Egypt, and enrolled in an open water course.

After time in the pool, Phil had 2 days (4 dives) out on the reefs in ‘school’. Here he learned all the basic skills and safety to allow him to dive. He passed the test with flying colors, and promptly enrolled in 3 extra days of diving.

The feeling of being 15-20m under the water, with unlimited visibility, and massive amounts of fish, coral and other sea life was amazing. Seeing the likes of Moray eels, Crocodile fish, more angel fish than you can count, Clown fish, seas snakes, trumpet fish, barracuda, lion fish, scorpion fish, tuna, wonderful coral gardens and pinnacles teeming with life and so much more was an amazing treat. Diving with the Ramsays Phil had a great time, and continued to learn.

As Stuart was an instructor, Phil also was able to do a wreck dive, a drift dive and some deeper diving that he wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. All brilliant experiences.

Phil is now hooked, and has plans to dive in many other locations, such as the Great Barrier Reef, the Pacific, Maladives......and thinking about an underwater camera...

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