Friday, 11 December 2009

Christmas Tree 2009

Phil came home from work, and we gave him 3 minutes to get changed, so we could head off down to the Bauhaus to buy our Christmas tree before the shop closed.

We were also after some Christmas lights that we had seen in Paris. No luck with that, so we will have to look around at some other places.

We picked a tree, and the man gave me the ticket to take inside to pay for the tree, while he prepared the stumb for us. As the man went to bring it to the grinder, the top snapped off the tree. Phil said to him, if you hurry and grab another one before she comes out, she won't know the difference and she won't be angry. Not sure if he realised that Phil was joking, and he quickly raced off to get another one, and told Phil this one was a better tree.
We got the tree into the car and headed back home. After dinner we got the kids decorations out and they decorated the tree. Only a small tree this year, so not all the decorations have come out of the boxes. The kids put all the decorations up, and only needed help for the higher ones.

Now to find what we did with the star for the top of the tree. Must be in another box in the cellar!

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Tracie said...

Hi Nicole,

The tree looks great. I will give you all the tips you would like when you come home next year. Bet you are excited. How long have you been away??