Saturday, 12 December 2009

Brother's Grimm fairytale - in German

The company organised its German language class Christmas trip - this year a boat trip with Glühwein and cookies, and then a theatre performance of Brothers Grimm fairytales at the Die Märchenhütte Theatre

The boat trip was lovely, and we got to see much of Berln from the waterline. It started to snow, and as the boat fogged up, it really cold on deck with big wet snowflakes falling (guess where the kids were?)

After the boat trip, we went to a little theatre that was like an old hut, with a small stage at one end. The first fairytale was the fisherman's wife. It was performed by two actors, and was really well done. The boys had a great time, enjoyed the show, and only asked once for what a particular word meant (they understood the rest in German!). Papst...."The Pope"

We were settling in for the second fairytale when one of the staff approached us and told us it was not suitable for kids under 14. With scary masks, explicit nudity and sex references/acts, Rapunzel sounded like it was going to quite some show! We took the kids out of the theatre and headed for home (the adults a little disappointed and intrigued by what they had missed!)

However, seeing one fairytale was great - the kids got to experience this type of theatre and the show was excellent.

A great day all round.

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