Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Off to Oz, in an A380

Our annual trip to Australia began a week earlier than usual. I decided to take them out of school a week early to have a bit more time this year....got the OK from the teachers and booked it all. Keeping the biggest secret possible this year, we booked the flight back to Oz on the Qantas A380 plane! We kept it a secret, just in case there was a problem, and the plane had to be changed to a 747-400, we didn't want to have the kids disappointed.

We arrived at Heathrow at Terminal 5 and had to catch the shuttle bus to Terminal 4. As we approached the terminal, Alexander saw the Qantas A380, and we so excited. "Is that our plane?" he asked excitedly.
"No, the 747-400 beside it, is our plane, I tried to get on the A380, but it was fully booked" I replied.

He sighed, and said, well at least we can see it.

1 1/2 hours before the flight was ready to go, he read the departure board and figured it all out.
"Mum, that A380 is at gate 5, and our gate is 5. That 747-400 is at Gate 6. WE ARE GOING ON THE A380" He was thrilled to say the least!!

When we got the call to board, Alexander could hardly contain himself...and as soon as we had stepped on the plane, he was asking the flight attendants all sorts of questions. Cameron wanted to walk through the entire plane to see how all the seats looked and was not impressed that he wasn't allowed to look into first class! ;)

The kids have Frequent Flyer Log books, and they asked the flight attendant to fill it out, and she took it up to the captain to get him to sign it. When she returned the books, she told me the captain would love to have them in the cockpit once we had landed in Singapore so they could have a look around.

Once we landed in Singapore, I looked after the carry on luggage, and the flight atttendant took the kids to the cockpit. A few minutes later the captain told me to come up with my camera to take some photos. When I got there, the kids were in the seats and the chairs were being moved from side to side, up and down, back and forwards. They were both thrilled! A huge highlight for both of them, and a memory they won't forget in a hurry!!!

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