Wednesday, 22 July 2009

A week in Sydney

and this is the only photo I took!

(this is the train track they built with Oliver's Thomas track)
It was great to get up to Sydney and catch up with friends. A perfect week to head up is during the school holidays, then we can catch up with friends during the day....the downside is that some friends go away, so we miss them!

It's amazing to see the kids growing up so quickly, and fabulous to see them get together and play and it is as though it was only last week that they saw each other. Same goes with the friends that we have made in our years in Sydney!!

We stayed with Kylie and Rob, and their little boy Oliver. It was good to see them again since they moved out from England. Rob helped me order my new laptop online, cause he is great at "building a better future".

A week in Sydney is just not long enough!

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