Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

This year's school production was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Alexander was so excited when the auditions were approaching and only wanted to go for the role of Charlie. We tried to get him to audition for other parts, but he was adamant that he only wanted to play Charlie. We were worried that if he missed out, he would be disappointed about not being in the production at all. He was so confident that he would get the role, and sure enough he did. Rehearsals were every Tuesday afternoon straight after school until 5pm, and a few Sunday's as well.

The roles were cast perfectly by Miss Lauritzen and Miss Beves, and it was a terrific performance from all the kids.

Miss Lauritzen made all the kids in the cast "Wonka" Bars!
Alexander is now ready for next year's production..and wants to know what it is so he can start working on his auditions...let's have a Summer break first!

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