Saturday, 27 June 2009

Frog hunting in the Gruenewald

Whilst Alexander was attending rehearsals for his upcoming "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" performance, Phil and Cameron headed off in to the Gruenewald to 'hunt frogs'.

Down behind the Sandy hill in the forest is a lake/swamp. With two butterfly nets, Cameron and Phil explored every inch of the shores.

They captured a small frog, which was observed, photographed and released. They also saw big frogs, toads, fish, lots of butterflies and dragonflies, waterbirds (with young) and a grass snake!

It was a great few hours. As we were riding home, Cameron had a flat tyre. It was no ordinary puncture, but a 3cm split in the weld on the tube. Phil pushed both bikes home (about 5km) at double pace - so he was home in time to go and get Alexander from his rehearsals!

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