Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Kochschule night

Phil suggested we get Katherine to look after the boys (not allowed to call it babysitting, Cameron says he isn't a baby), and we go out to dinner.
Sounded great....I didn't expect to be having to actually cook it though!

The language department at Phil's work have different events for the expats at different times of the year. This is the first one we have attended. A night at a cooking school, learning to cook a "traditional German meal".

It was great fun, we all had jobs to do, and learnt lots of great tips and techniques.
Most valuable tip of the evening....when cutting onions, have a drink, and keep the drink in your mouth to stop your eyes watering! I have no idea how it works, but it does! So, I can put my swimming goggles back in my swimming bag (which is what I usually wear when cutting onions, much to the hilarity of anyone who sees me doing it)

We had to organise a 4 course meal for 24 people! It was really well planned....

All of us before we begun. Hands up to show all the fingers intact!
The kitchen (before we started to cook)
The ingredients
Here we are finishing "plating" (there is the new word of the week) the first course.
The table was laid out beautifully.

Here are the dishes we prepared.

Beetroot and "feld" lettuce with parmasen cheese and basalmic creme.
Green peppercorn soup with Figs
Beef Rouladen, potato puree on a bed of stirfry cabbage and mushrooms
Red Berries and home made Icecream

It was delicious, and we met some new people and had a great laugh.

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Pennie & David said...

You jogged my memory, it's a long time since I've had a browse of your doings in Belin. I'd just love to do a German, or any other, cooking class... The Sydney Fish Markets do them so I must look into their classes for this year. Just love the Chocolate Fondue, it's one of our family favourites as well.