Sunday, 13 January 2008

Aussie Visitors

It's not often we get visitors, because we are so far away. This week we had some friends come and stay with us. It was great to see them (and they also brought Caramello Koalas and Tim Tams..yippee!!)

Fiona has been in Norway for 6 months studying at Uni, Annette and Phil came over to do some touring with Fiona as well.

Fi and I went to the Story of Berlin Museum, which I had never done before. The bunker tour was really interesting, (built in the 1970's)it is an amazing place. The conditions you would be living in for 2 weeks are pretty grim...there are 25 other bunkers like it around Berlin. This one is the largest, capable of holding 3600 people. If ever it needs to be used, it will be on a first come, first served basis. But you would need 2 weeks warning to get all food, water, other supplies etc to cater for all those people. (Fi and I agreed, if you had 2 weeks notice, you would be getting out of the country pretty damn quick!!) Below is a picture of some of the beds..there are 4 beds above each other, and they go on and on and on....

Annette, Phil and Fi did lots and lots of walking and visiting, and I managed to go one day (Phil was able to be home to get the kids off the bus), and I love this photo of us at the Brandenburg Gate!

In front of the Red Town Hall

Phil flies planes (so Alexander thought that was terrific). The Luftwaffe Museum was recommended to us by a few of the mums from school. Phil and Phil took the boys to Gatow to see all the different planes. (This could be the highlight of Phil's European trip....he got to see lots of different planes that we don't get to see back in Oz.)

On Sunday, we took Fi ice skating outside, and she didn't fall once! Alexander and Cameron were too fast for us. Ice skating outdoors is a great Sunday morning activity we do during the Winter...even if they do serve very average coffee! Annette and Phil sat upstairs in the cafe and watched us skate around, they were a lot warmer than us. I think Phil was using the video part of his camera....I am too scared to ask to see that footage!

It was sad to see them leave, as they now head off to Salzburg, Prague, and quite a few other towns. We hope they had as much fun as we did! It was great for us to have a 'full house', and it was a really relaxed, easy visit that we miss them now they are gone! (other visitors welcome....)

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