Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Zoo trip with Year 2

Helping out with class excursions can be fun. I had a great group, and I didn't lose one child!! :)

We saw Knut again, and he has really grown in 2 weeks. He loves playing in the dirt with his keepers, and boy he was really dirty today, and in need of a bath! We got some good views of Knut as we had the kids, and we were able to go in the special kids area! (and the crowds were not as long as the previous time!)
Sonia got an awesome photo of Knut, and I will try and borrow a copy of hers!

After lunch and to burn off some energy in the playground, it was off to the petting area. There were lots of baby goats, and they are so cute! Cameron has a really soft spot for kids!


Tannia said...

Yay for not loosing any kids :) Well done :) LHM is on camp at the moment and hopefully the parent helpers wont lose any kids in Soverign Hill! (not quite as exciting as seeing Knut eh?)

Janine said...

Good news that you didn't loose any kids. Gosh Nicole you make me tired reading all that you do. Knut looks gorgeous.