Sunday, 27 May 2007

Croatian Coast

Phil had some business meetings and a congress at Opitija, on the Adriatic coast of Croatia. As it was 'half term break' for the boys from school, we decided to join him.
After an uneventful hour flight to Munich, and an hour flight to Zagreb, we were collected by one of Phil's work colleagues for the 2 hour drive to the coast. It was a long trip, and Alexander got a bit car sick... luckily he doesn't just throw up, he starts with a full bodied yell, gives you about 10 seconds, then delivers...

Having no chance to stop I grabbed a plastic bag and saved the car and it occupants from wearing spew for an hour of travel. However, I was also left holding the bag of sick for about 45 minutes, until we could pull off the freeway! The things you do for your children!

The hotel was lovely, and we had 2 rooms with adjoining doors.

Great coastline, you can see we had a lot of cloudy days. it was still very warm, but great that we were not going to get sunburnt.

Our hotel is the pink one on the coastline with the grey concrete arched pillars, which was the terrace area. This photo was taken on our second day, with really stormy weather. Not many people swimming this morning!

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